Pyjama Party

Back on the Track

Pitch black. Crowded. With temperatures of 46 degrees and little water, behind bars, the European runners and their local driver were contained for the first time in Africa. The group – isolated, males seperated from females, being robbed off their gear and without means of communication – can only hope for a mercyful outcome of this confinement. Special Forces not only claimed them, but threw them behind bars together with other helpless victims, mostly European Corp types. Pasetti uses a fortunate brawl to become invisible, still trying to make sense of the situation. Others let their frustration guide the way, humiliating the weak.
But – how did our wayward runners fall into this ungainly situation?
Let us hear from them …

>>> camera pans to cell, zooms in on a young woman wearing a ‘Hello-Kitty’ pyjama, sitting on the floor leaned against a wall <<<<
I have no idea what the hell is going on! In the early evening we went to Nadines room to take up the negotiatons for our salary again because some of the group weren’t exactly happy with what we were offered in the first place. Seeing Steve Richards chilling on her couch after she let us in was quite a surprise – especially since they seemed to be well acquainted with each other. Anyway, he left the room after we told Nadine we’d like to discuss the details of our mission a bit more in depth.
We managed to agree upon a reward of 10% of the achieved price of the map if it can be bought at the auction and 15% if we have to procure it afterwards from whoever bought it.
So far so good.
Professionals that we are, being thoroughly prepared for every possible eventuality was our first concern, finding some dressy clothes to wear at the auction the next.
Oku sent out a camera drone to get an overview over the palace grounds. He called me to his room when he saw there were police squads sourrounding the place. Police radio told us someone had broken into the auction collection hall and something valuable had been stolen…….
I rushed to get the others to Oku’s room for a crisis meeting and just when we were all assembled and staring at the screen of his computer a SWAT team busted the door……..
>>>camara zooms out>>>


chummer JennyCrane

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